A Prominent Live Talk Show Host in the United States Highlights The 1937 Addis Ababa Massacre ( Yekatit 12 ) at The Black History Month Event At The Fraser Mansion on Feb 19th

Addis DC

On Monday, February 19,2018 Little Ethiopia DC celebrates the13 anniversary Black History Month in the District of Columbia on President’s Day. The annual event that was started in the sister city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in February 2005 is celebrated as a Pan-African bridge building efforts.  On this same day also we remember the over 30,000 innocent Ethiopians who were executed by the order of the former brutal fascist General Rudolfo Graziani. On February 19,1937 ( TEKATIT 12 ) a futile attempt was made to assassinate Rudolfo by bomb but failed and the General ordered the massacre of innocent people. He was the viceroy of Benito Mussolini when Ethiopia was occupied on May 5,1936 at the Italo-Abyssinian War of 1935-41. Abyssinia is the ancient name of Ethiopia. 

This year’s speaker on the subject matter is Dereje Gerawork who is the founder of DTV ( Diaspora TV ) in 2014. Gera added “The Gera-show Live” in July 2015 in Alexandria, Virginia in the United Stares to provide a niche transmission programming that targets the growing Ethiopian community globally. In a brief remark, he told Little Ethiopia publisher that DTV’s aim is to serve Ethiopians and African Diaspora around the world by providing high value program that wasn’t covered by current media conglomerates. The Gera-Show Live unique interview style raises the community’s awareness of Ethiopian artists, professionals, and social leaders.

His shows has been ranked as one of the most informative, web-media sources that is proven effective in reaching a vast majority of the audiences in the most convenient avenues such as cell phones, and tablets.Gera’s Internet based platform makes the content of his broadcast, readily and effortlessly available to the masses. He will be joined by other distinguished speakers.

Washington D.C. ( Little Ethiopia )-The Founder Of Diaspora Television and a prominent Ethiopian Live Talk 

If you go ; 

MONDAY, February 19, 2018

Fraser Mansion

1701 20th St. N.W , Washington DC 

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm


RSVP : littleethiopia@gmail.com

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