An Ethiopian Born American Film Maker Praised By Washingtonian For Her Amazing Efforts To Break Into The Film Industry in the United States

Addis DC

Capitol Hill, Washington DC( Little Ethiopia )- Over 40 Washingtonians gathered at the Ethio-Mixer USA hailed the efforts made by an Ethiopian American film producer, director, actress, writer and journalist, Salome Mulugeta to break into the American Film Industry. The guests who gathered at the Uni Bistro located near Capitol Hill praised her hard work and her patience in raising funds for her first film “ WOVEN “ She said Woven, is the first Ethiopian-American movie recognized in the Screen Actors Guild ( SAG ) and her first premiere was held at the Los Angeles Film Festival, where WOVEN received recognition by the judges and was selected to participate in 9 other film festivals. 

She remarked “ I went door to door to raise funds. “ The guests were pleasantly surprised to learn that the prominent Ethiopian businessman Noah Samara gave her the money to start the production and when she was short to reach her final destination, she went back to him and gave her additional fund to complete the film. “ Noah took a gamble on me. “ She added. 

Mulugeta won the Narrative Audience Award for Best Film Directed by Women of Color from the African Diaspora International Film Festival. She will be directing an upcoming film “ ABEKA “ alongside with powerhouse producer, Stephanie Allain. ABEKA ( also known as Addis Abeka ) is an Academy Nicholas Fellowship Winning Script that narrates about an Ethiopian boy who loses his family and must navigate the world for ten years until he can reunite with his brother.

Little Ethiopia DC was grateful to all who came to the award winning Ethio Mixer USA monthly gathering specially those who were there for the first time including Washington D.C. ANC Commissioner of Ward 8, Tiffany Lancaster,  President Mulumebet Wolde  and Vice President Dori Girma of All For One Association, a non profit organization that has over 1500 members in the Greater Washington DC Metro Area. In the guests list were also Darron Charles Overby and Marquett Milton, Non-commissioned officers of 1st United States Colored Troops ( renactors ) A. Co. @ African American Civil War Museum & Memorial who came to pay respect to the Ethiopian-American film Maker. Both soldiers were happy about what they heard. 

Overby text us the following statement “ I feel that Mulugeta is a very talented person and represents Ethiopian-Americans and Women in profoundly professional manner. She is an effective storyteller and if she wants to tell the story of “ the Battle of Adawa “  she will be able with ease, while providing accurate information and also moving people emotionally, helping to change a state of perspectives related to Ethiopia and the greater Pan-African World or African Diaspora. “ 

PHOTO : Co-owner of Uni Bistro Brehan Brehanu ( left ) surprised Mulugeta with a birthday cake on the eve of her birthday while USCT Soldiers ( renactors ) look on standing behind the host ( courtesy photo)

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