Former Curator And Assistant Director for The AACWMM and " ADWA " Honoree Was Buried In His Hometown

Addis DC

Washington DC ( Little Ethiopia )-A former marine captain/ curator and assistant director for the African American Civil War Memorial and Museum ( AACWMM ) in Washington DC was buried in his hometown, Pauls Valley, Oklahoma with a military ceremony by US Marine Guards and firing squad according to  the Director of Stufflebean-Cofferey Funeral home where the memorial service was held. He was  an expert on African Americans role in the American Civil War

Jones also had deep interest and knowledge about Ethiopian wars of Adwa of 1896 and the conflict in the 1860's between queen Victoria of England and Ethiopian emperor Tewdros. Little Ethiopia honored him in 2016 as a wreath presenter for the commemoration of the Battle of Adwa.

We will post more about Jones as we gather more information.

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