March 1, 2018

This Afternoon, had to respond back to an email it received with a copy to a reporter of the African American News Paper( Washington Informer) about an event-The Casablanca Group-the Mother of the OAU. We are not going back in history while we are celebrating a One Year Golden Jubilee of African Unity and the March on Washington.Several African freedom fighters successfully fought and retained their freedom from the European colonialists in late 1950’s and early late 1960’s. They were wrongfully encouraged to be organized into two blocks by their former occupiers until they were broken by Emperor Haile Selassie I and the other outstanding Pan-Africanist Leaders from the the Monrovia and the Casablanca Group to form the Organization of the African Unity on May 25, 1963.

This year many Africans, Americans of African descent and their friends celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the Organization of the African Unity now known as African Union. The great iconic leaders like Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, President Kwame Nikrumah of Ghana, President Seku Toure of Guinea ,President Gamel Abdel Nasser of Egypt, President Julius Nyerere of Tanzania and 27 other Heads of States and governments were honored around the world. There was one Golden Jubilee Celebration held in Washington DC on the eve of the founding of OAU on May 24, 2013 by Ethio-Mixer USA that is now continuing for a full year.Last Month Ethio-Mixer USA organized another event under the captionAfrica Must Unite, and a diverse group of people met at the Hampton Conference Center, at 207 W.Hampton Pl., in Capitol Heights, Maryland to discuss the Legacy of the Founding of the Organization of African Unity now known as African Union. A business owned and operated by Cameroon Americans whose home country was the founding father of OAU.The discussion will pursue at the same location on November 14, 2013 at the same location and also an Ethio-Mixer USA to be held at the Fraser Mansion on October 10, 2013.Please carefully listen to the attached interview on the trailer that was made in Harvard University, where the thinking of people of all races about black people changed at the Battle of Adwa and the Pan-Afican Movement grew very fast world wide.REMEMBER: IF IT IS THURSDAY, IT IS ETHIO-MIXER USA 6:00 TO 8:30 PMAll inquires; contact

Reprint from Little Ethiopia magazine of September 24, 2013

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