Miazia 27 : Celebration Of Ethiopia's Cinco De Mayo

Addis DC

‍Ethiopian Beauty Queen of Queens Ruhama Hayle , Miss Ethiopia USA 2016-17 ( Center ) Celebrating Wreath Laying Ceremonies in the District of Columbia Commemorating Pan-African Victories of ADWA , American Civil War and Miazia 27-image-file

Washington DC ( Little Ethiopia )-Since September 12, 2007 {( the Ethiopian Millennium( 2000s Inkutatash-Ethiopian New Year ) } twelve Wreath Laying ceremonies were held in the District of Columbia by Little Ethiopia, in the sister city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Heroes of Colonial wars, prisoners of wars, heirs of Ethiopian Emperors and senior advisers , a representative of former President John F. Kennedy, African-American Civil rights and community leaders honored African-American and Ethiopian veterans who fought for " freedom " in the American Civil War and Ethiopia's wars of ADWA and the Italo-Abyssinian War of 1935-41. Abyssinia is the ancient name of Ethiopia. 

All the ceremonies were held in-front of the African-American Civil War Memorial in the Shaw /U Street corridor of Washington D.C.which is led by Mayor Muriel Bowser. The great district citizens who warmly welcomed the former iconic emperor Haile Selassie I seven times in their city also offered the monarch the key to the city in his first state visit 1954.The Emperor was also bestowed upon an honorary Doctorate of Law degree from Howard University in 1954 while he was visiting President Dwight Eisenhower.

The upcoming event on May 5, 2018 will be held at the same location in commemoration of the liberation of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from Italy on May 5, 1941 ( Miazia 27,1933 in Ethiopian Calendar )

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