Muse’s Ethiopian menu back by popular demand

February 2, 2018

Rochel Mondy

Muse restaurant has reintroduced its traditional Ethiopian cuisine after a taking a break over the holidays.

The menu was created five years ago when Sosina Mekonnen, who is the co-owner of the Front Street eatery, introduced foods from her native Ethiopia to Bermuda.

“It all started when a few customers found out that I was from Ethiopia and they asked me if I could do an Ethiopian dinner for a group of five individuals. Once they had tasted the food they asked me to do it again every month,” Ms Mekonnen said.

She mentioned that it was for fun and for the love of cooking, not realising the menu could eventually soar and take off and become as popular as it did.

“It became a monthly big buffet and moved from one sitting to two. I stopped it for a little bit and started back up every Saturday, cooking a few items. Once I put out the menu people on social media, people call in to place an order and we are always sold out on Saturdays,” she added.

Ms Mekonnen was overwhelmed with the positive feedback from locals.

People would see her on the street and ask when the Ethiopian menu was coming back, she said.

“It is very interesting because the cuisine kind of grew itself,” she said. “It was not planned, I started to do private parties and different events.”

Ms Mekonnen believes there is no other restaurant on island serving the menu.

“At first I was reluctant to start serving it to the wider population because I didn’t know what to expect or what response I would get back,” she added.

Before she introduced the menu, she experimented with spices and customised them for everyone’s pallets.

Not only have locals enjoyed the menu but visitors from across the globe are enjoying the authentic taste.

“A lot of people who travel to Bermuda from overseas are used to the menu and when they find out we do it here on the island they are happy,” Ms Mekonnen said.

It’s more than just business for Ms Mekonnen. “I am very passionate about it, I just want to bring a piece of my tradition to share with people,” she said.

Muse has started marketing the Ethiopian menu through its social media outlets and has noticed different groups and chats being formed by locals inspired by the dish.

“People get excited because its something different,” she said. All the food besides the chicken and lamb dishes are vegan and free of genetically modified products.

“All my spices come straight from Ethiopia and that makes all the difference,” she said.

In addition to takeout and dining, Muse also offers catering to events and parties.

The buffet takes place on Saturdays, from 5:30pm to 8:30pm.


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