Reminder ; The Chef Couple Of Uni Bistro Says " We Are Ready To Welcome You And Mulugeta In Our Restaurant this Evening "

February 8, 2018

Washington, DC ( Little Ethiopia )- The Chef couple Brhan Berihun and Abiy Getahun and their two beautiful daughters warmly welcomed the Award Winning Ethiopian American Filmmaker Salome Mulugeta in their cute restaurant yesterday on the eve of the Ethio-Mixer USA event.They are saying they are ready to welcome their guests who will be coming to hear Mulugeta. The Ethiopian filmmaker who gained prominence and award by producing, directing and acting on a film ' WOVEN " which is the first Ethiopian-American movie recognized in the Screen Actors Guild ( SAG .) She will be soon directing another movie " ABEKA " whose script received an Oscar award. She came to Washington DC yesterday from a trip to South Africa and spent some time yesterday with her host ( Uni Bistro ) and little Ethiopia DC and also visited a prominent Ethiopian Resturant Ethiopics next door. She was very impressed with what she saw and ate in the two Ethiopian owned businesses according to remarks she made to the publisher of Little Ethiopia.

The award winning Ethio-Mixer USA hosts its monthly networking event in the District of Columbia and the surrounding suburbs. This year it chose Uni Bistro on H st. N.E. to host its 1st event of 2018 and Uni Bistro will host it today. February 8, 2018 from 6 pm to 9 pm . This unique restaurant is tucked between '' Sidamo coffee and tea '' and '' Ethiopic Restaurant .'' in the sister-city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It Just 5 minutes’ drive from the domed United States Capitol where the iconic emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie I addressed a joint meeting of Congress on May 28,1954 and two blocks away from the Union Station.

The Ethiopian Born chef couple run their business in a block where two Ethiopian businesses, the Ethiopic Restaurant and Sidamo Coffee/Tea gained prominence and high traffic by selling the Ethiopian cuisines and culture.Washington DC and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia are sister cities.

PHOTO : The Chef Couple with DC Mayor Muriel Bowser at the great street conference in July 2016 at Gallaudet University


403 H Street NEWashington, DC 20002

TIME ; 6 P.M. to 9 P.M.

Free Finger Foods and Cash bar

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