Ruth Negga thinks she's "lacking a personality"

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The 'Preacher' actress claimed she's embraced bold prints in her style choices because she's able to use fashion as "armour" to hide the fact she's actually very shy

JUNE 23,2018

She said: "I try and hide the fact that I'm lacking a personality by wearing dragon-print. I suppose fashion is an armour really, isn't it, for nerves. I think there's a lot of shy people involved in fashion, although people seem flamboyant, I think it hides a shyness."But though she's shy, the 36-year-old star also admitted she's an "attention-seeker" so her career has allowed her to be in the spotlight in a "safe" way.Asked why she became an actress if she's so shy, she told 'The Late Show' host Stephen Colbert: "I suppose I'm a shy attention-seeker. I'm a wallflower in real life, but there's a safe space."Acting creates a very safe space where you can draw attention to yourself, but there's always 'action' and 'cut', so it's like a safety net of sorts, where you can be an attention seeker in a safe way. Basically, cowardly."Meanwhile, the 'Loving' actress - who recently split from her 'Preacher' co-star Dominic Cooper - recently admitted she hasn't been "inundated" with work offers because she's "quite tricky" to cast, but that just drives her to create her own ventures.She said: "I'm quite tricky to put in anything. I don't think people really ever know what to do with me. It doesn't bother me at all. It's given me the impetus to create things. I don't need to be an actor. I used to, but not any more. I think at some point I'll resist people telling me what to do."

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