Somali, Eritrean leaders in Ethiopia to cement regional ties


The presidents of Somalia and Eritrea met with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Friday to cement regional economic ties as relations warm between the once-rival nations.

Somalia's President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed and Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki arrived in the northern Ethiopian city of Gondar for the summit. They also visited a university.

The meeting is intended to "cement the outcome of the Horn of Africa economic integration agreement," Ethiopia's state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate reported.

The three leaders had in met in September to lay the groundwork for the agreement, the details of which remain vague.

"This is a testimony, this is a witness for everyone that the history of the Horn of Africa has changed," the Somali president told officials during a speech in Gondar.

"Now we are moving for regional collaboration in economic development in order to be sure that we fight poverty in this region," he added.

A former province of Ethiopia, Eritrea broke away in 1993 but was back at war with its southern neighbour five years later when a border dispute sparked fighting.

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