Taking pride in Ethiopian patriotism


ADDIS ABABA – Overcoming various natural and human made challenges, Ethiopian courageous and staunch patriots have made the motherland to enjoy ever lasting independence. They as well have become an icon of Africans' victory against white supremacy defeating the fascist Italians.

During 1936-1941, Ethiopian patriots [our forefathers and foremothers] repeated the colorful victory of Adwa (1896) through day and night confrontations residing in caves, forest and mountains of Ethiopia.Due to aforesaid successive victories over the colonizers , Ethiopia has remained to be a hallmark of African independence and patriotism. Not only this, but also the country is home to Africa’s second largest population who said no to colonialism and European countries regency [guardian] on African countries.Patriot Dagnachew Temesgen is now working for the Ethiopian Patriots Association . In his exclusive interview with The Ethiopian Herald, he underscored that The Patriots' Victory Day is a national pride and history worth telling to the current generation and posterity .

“During the Ethio-Italian wars , Ethiopian patriots believed that the occupying of mother Ethiopia by fascist Italians as an attempt to control the whole Africa,” he said.After long preparations of 40 years,the fascists came to Ethiopia in the northern direction with its modern infantry , sea and air forces. 

However ,Ethiopian patriots were barefooted , used traditional armaments and had poor logistics supply ,but they become victorious , he said.During that time, the patriots hailed from all parts of the country become united and marched together to the battlefields combating the fascists irrespective of race, sex, age as well as professional and religious backgrounds.As to him, Ethiopia's ancient patriots gained victory over the fascists mainly because of their warm feeling of patriotism and unity against external forces.Asked about the values that enabled Ethiopian patriots to gain victory over whites Patriot Daganchew said that apart from being God fearing society ,unanimous feeling against odd culture, unconditional love to the motherland and mutual respect have made the impossible to be possible .He also indicated that this generation has more responsibilities in upholding the patriots' values. “Above all, respecting and hallowing the victory of patriots for breathing freedom, glamorizing with own culture as well as walking in confident and ethically should be given due attention.”Next, contributing own part in the country’s development endeavors is the other assignment of the youth, according to him. “The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), other mega projects and succeeding infrastructural expansions are the real hopes of future Ethiopia,” he noted.

For his part, Patriot Besufekad Alemayehu said that the history of Ethiopia’s patriots is a source of pride to all black Africans. Thus, as the victory is the victory of all Africans, African countries need to mark the day at the continental level in a colorful manner , he added. For him, patriots scarified their lives at various battles for the sake of one , strong and united Ethiopia.“Now a days, this generation needs practical participation in nation building to succeed Ethiopia’s leading role in Africa’s pacification and modernization,” he underlined.Moreover, patriotism, ethicalness and industriousness are the main responsibilities of this generation, he emphasized.



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