Technology Transfer To Africa : From The Diaspora To The Motherland

April 9, 2018

Washington DC ( Little Ethiopia)-In an article Little Ethiopia posted on April 5, 2018 under the caption " Africa Is Calling : A Guinean Social Activist Binta Terrier Says Her Energy Initiative May Be The Answer." it highlighted that a Guinean social activists Binta Terrier  founded a non-profit organization known as Partnership League for African Development ( PLAD ) who has now partnered with Youth human Rights International ( YHRI ) and others to produce a Documentary Movie in mid April, 2018.

Binta On Voice Of America -Photo-pD

She will appear in person tomorrow at the Uni Bistro in Washington DC on an event of Ethio-Mixer USA and speaks about PLAD's Energy Initiative along with representative from YHRI .


Uni Bistro

403 H St. NE.,  Washington D.C.

Time . 6;00 to 9:00 P.M.

Date   April 10, 2018

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