Thanks To The Weeknd, H&M Has Hired A Diversity Leader After Racist Scandal

January 22, 2018

BY Vincent Plana

After nearly two weeks of celebrities stepping up, public outrage and the company undergoing massive scrutiny, it looks like a resolution has finally been found for the once-was clothing giant... at least for now. 

Whether it be thanks to celebrities like: The Weeknd, Diddy, and Lebron James, because of thousands on social media wanting to boycott the company, or simply because they've realized they made a massive mistake, H&M has gone ahead and decided to hire a "diversity leader". 

The Stockholm-based retailer repeated that the entire incident was unintentional; that if anything it "demonstrates so clearly how big [their] responsibility is as a global brand." 

The scandal, most recently, has seen tensions boil near retailers in South Africa. Protesters raided stores over the weekend, ending with police using force to clear the crowds outside a store in Boksburg, South Africa. Stores in Johannesburg were trashed: mannequins knocked over, displays wrecked, and clothing rails and shelves being pushed over. 


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