The Ethiopian Chef Couple of Uni Bistro Sponsors The Black History Month and The Remembrance Of Yekatit 12

Addis DC

Washington, DC ( Little Ethiopia )-In a recent story posted on Little Ethiopia Magazine it was highlighted that the Chef couple Brhan Berihun and Abiy Getahun and their two beautiful daughters warmly welcomed the Award Winning Ethiopian American Filmmaker Salome Mulugeta in their cute restaurant on the eve of the Ethio-Mixer USA event. On the next day on February 8,2018 they hosted over 40 guests including DC’s ANC Commissioner Tiffany Lancaster and the award winning Ethiopian-American Filmmaker Salome Mulugeta along with two renactors of African American soldiers of the United States Colored Troops. The hosts served their unique cuisines and drinks including Tej ( the Ethiopian honey wine .) They were the first, this year, to host Little Ethiopia’s monthly program of Ethio-Mixer USA that educates and showcases Ethiopian Heritage, History and Culture to Washingtonians. The District of Columbia is  the sister city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia since 2013. 

Uni Bistro is located on 403 H st. N.E. Washington DC and it hosted  its 1st Ethio-Mixer USA event of 2018 and again tomorrow on February 19, Uni Bistro will sponsor the 13th Anniversary of Black History Month

Celebration and the Remembrance of Yekatit 12-where on February 19,1937 over 30,000 innocent Ethiopians were massacred in a span of three days by the Italian fascist General Rodolfo Graziani after a futile attempt to assassinate him failed. The General was a Viceroy of The Italian Imperial government of the brutal fascist prime minister Benito Mussolini that occupied Ethiopia on May 5, 1936. The fascist Italians were later defeated by the strong resistance made against them by the valiant patriots and the resilient people of Ethiopia after 5 years to the day they entered the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa on May 5, 1941. Emperor Haile Silassie I also returned to his throne on that same day ending Italy’s 2nd attempt to colonize Ethiopia. Little Ethiopia celebrates the historic day annually as a Pan-African Victory of MIAZIA 27 ( May 5 ) by placing wreath in front of the African American Civil War Memorial. The next one will be held on Saturday, May 5, 2018. 

This Unique Restsurant which has its own unique house flavor is tucked between two Ethiopian owned enterprises of '' Sidamo coffee and tea '' and '' Ethiopic Restaurant .'' 

and it is also near the concentration of American power of Capitol Hill on the fast moving H St Corridor. 

PHOTO : The Chef Couple with DC Mayor Muriel Bowser at the great street conference in July 2016 at Gallaudet University

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