The First Ethiopian DC Politician Gives Key Note Speech At Black History Month Event On President’s Day

Addis DC

Washington DC ( Little Ethiopia )- When  in 1954 former Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I came to Washington, DC for his first State visit to the United States by the invitation of President Dwight Eisenhower, It was a meeting of two great military leaders who entered combat in the Second World War to fight against Hitler’s Nazis and Mussolini’s Fascists. 

The Commissioner of DC presented the monarch the key to the city of District of Columbia ( Mayor was not elected at that time for the city ) and Howard University bestowed upon him an Honorary Doctoral degree. Selassie’s celebrity and prominence status came from his amazing prophetic speech he made in-front of the League of Nations in 1936 where he said “ It Is Us Today But You Tomorrow “ after he was disappointed for not getting the proper support he expected from member nations of the League. Even though his attempt to stop Italy’s effort to colonize Ethiopia failed temporary but he continued his international campaign against Italy by residing in Bath,England and leading the Ethiopian patriots fighting inside the country. The prophecy of the Emperor didn’t take much time but Europe was in fire within 3 years fighting each other. The British and other allies joined him in combat to drive out the Italians from Ethiopia and  retake back his throne on May 5,1941. Little Ethiopia DC Commemorates that historic moment, MIAZIA 27 by a Wreath Laying Ceremony annually in front of the African American Civil War Memorial in Washington DC.

Seventy Six years later after the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa which is now a Sister city of Washington DC was liberated from the Italians, a young woman known as " Tiffany Lancaster ' make a Key Note Speech at the celebration of the Black History Month and the remembrance of YEKATIT 12 where over 30,000 innocent Ethiopians were executed in a span of 3 days beginning on February 19, 1937. Lancaster who introduced herself at the award winning " Ethiopia Mixer USA " last Thursday at Uni Bistro where she was introduce to the First Ethiopian-American to direct an Oscar winning script of " Abeka ' said “  I am an Ethiopian, a mother, a wife, a politician, a poet, an author, a motivational speaker, spiritual advisor, lover of all people, activist, advocate for children, justice, equal rights, peace, revolutionary change, and a believer in Yeshua. “ She added that her vision is to see world change through the means of togetherness, and amplified love. I desire to be a diplomat and ambassador for my Ethiopian people, and also people of the African Diaspora that bridges the gap between the divide of America and Africa. 

She added that said she was  once orphaned, a foster child, and an adopted child that was unlawfully taken from my Ethiopian and un-willfully placed at 3 yrs. old into America's system, "Child & Family Services," having my original name stripped from me, (my original name being Sirack, and changed to Tiffany Lancaster), I know full well the challenges that we face as a chosen people in America. Thank goodness we are more than children to be sold for dowry, we are greatness. There is so much more I will tell you as we take this journey together to reclaim all that we are owed as a people, for we are truly royalty, and a holy nation. As I am still searching for my original Ethiopian family that I have not found as of yet, I know that not only my mother who I was taken from, and the Ancestors that have gone before our people are crying out from the rocks of change. That is the change I seek to forge ahead and overthrow hatred. 

Please join commissioner Lancaster and the Ethiopian community to celebrate  Black History Month in a quest for Dignity, Liberty and Unity.  

MONDAY, February 19, 2018

Fraser Mansion

1701 20th St. N.W , Washington DC 

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm



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