UNI BISTRO: A Restaurant Tucked Between Ethiopic Restaurant And Sidamo Roastery Near The Capitol Hill Has Its Own Unique Gourmet House Flavor

January 28, 2018

Washington DC (Little Ethiopia)-The Great Capital City of the free world and the Sister-City of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia had hosted six state visits by the iconic Emperor Haile Selassie I from 1954 to 1973. Selassie was presented the key to the District of Columbia and the historical black University of Howard bestowed upon him a Doctor of Civil Law degree. The emperor gained international prominence and reverence for fighting against Italian fascism. His prophetic statement he made in front of the League of Nations when Ethiopia was denied support by fellow member nations when his country was fighting the Italian military force that made a second futile attempt to colonize the only independent nation in Africa at the Italo-Abyssinian War of 1935-41. Abyssinia is the ancient name of Ethiopia. His prophetic statement “it is us today and it is you tomorrow. “was toasted and hailed around the world by anti-fascists, and he was named " Man of the Year " by Time Magazine.

Just 5 minutes’ drive from the domed United States Capitol where the emperor addressed a joint meeting of Congress on May 28,1954, An Ethiopian Born chef couple, Abiy Getahun and Brhan Berihun run a restaurant in the heart of one of the fastest developing H Street corridor. It is in a block where two Ethiopian businesses, the Ethiopic Restaurant and Sidamo Coffee/Tea gained prominence and high traffic by selling the Ethiopian cuisines and culture. Chef Berihun speaking to Little Ethiopia Magazine said “I have always dreamt of being an entrepreneur. So, when the opportunity came to own a restaurant I and my husband did not think twice. “We wanted to present our special cuisine to the neighborhood. Our bistro prepares its own unique gourmet house flavor and we established Uni Bistro on October 15, 2015. Uni got its name from many words that have prefixes. For example, Uni represents one as in unique and together as in a union. Therefore, the advertising motto became that Uni Bistro is a place where one can find “Unique food, Universal place, United community”.

Unique Food

Here at Uni Bistro, we have created a unique taste so many of our patrons admitted of loving it so much. Most probably and according to my customers' reviews, Uni Bistro has “The Best Omelet” in Washington, DC if not in the nation. Herbs and spices from all over the world have been experimented to create the unique flavors on each item on the menu. Since it’s a small restaurant, there is the luxury of cooking in small batches, hence keeping ingredients and cooked dishes fresh and delicious.

Universal Place

Since the location of Uni Bistro is a couple of blocks away from the Union Station, Uni Bistro has been a second home away from home to many international travelers. Although Uni Bistro is a locally owned small restaurant business serving primarily locals, the percentage of customers that come from all over the world has been pleasantly surprising. The DC Street Car also has a stop near our restaurant and so it is convenient to take a subway up-to the Union Station and jump on to the car for a free ride that runs every few minutes on H Street.

United Community

Uni Bistro welcomes all customers and is a family friendly restaurant. Its ambience is inviting and comforting to anyone who is there to dine in. There is always music playing in the background as a therapy and does not disturb anyone from having conversations. The arts on the wall are by local artists and they speak volume in reflecting to the community.







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